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Algorithms Implementations

Algorithms & Recipes

Bit & Number Manipulation

Checksums & Barcodes

Minimal Perfect Hashing in Linear Time using Intermediate Tables by Steve Hanov

Implementations & Libraries

C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI
by the IT University of Copenhagen provides the following data structures, described by C# classes: array list, doubly linked list, hash-indexed array list, hash-indexed linked list, hash set, hash bag (multiset), sorted array, wrapped array, tree set, tree bag (multiset), stack, double-ended queue, circular queue, priority queue (interval heap), hash dictionary, and tree dictionary.

Disc Utils for .net
is a C#-library supporting creation, reading from and writing to various disk image formats, including VMDK, VHD, ISO along with implementation of some file systems as Joliet or UDF.

a fast terminal replacement for Console.

StringTemplate for Java, C#, Python, Ruby and Scala
a powerful template engine. Documentation for v3

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