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Web Design

Web, Web Design and Web Application Issues

Client-Side Technologies

HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language): HTML v4+v5 Elements HTML Form Specials DOM*

CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets): CSS v1* CSS v2* CSS v3* Moving from HTML inline formatting to CSS CSS resetter / CSS defaults

JS (JavaScript): JS Keywords JS+DOM JS Events JS Libraries

Server-Side Technologies

Scripting Engines:

ASP (Active Server Pages): ASP_Keywords ASP_Versions*

PHP (Php Hypertext Preprocessor): PHP_Keywords* PHP_Versions PHP_Tricks

SSI (Server-Side Includes): SSI_Keywords

Template Engines:

Apache Velocity, currently (2011) v1.6.2

Beilpuz, currently (2011) v0.3

Transport Technologies

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML)

HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol): v1* v1.1* Character Sets

Vendors´ non-Standard Extensions

HTTP P3P Policy-Header (IE6+)
HTML Form vCard-Attributes (IE ?)


Nice article about users apparently choosing products bloated with features: "Users’ desire for both fea­tures and easy to use prod­ucts will never go away. They do not only want one or the other. They want both." ... "When peo­ple have to choose which prod­uct to buy, peo­ple will actu­ally choose the sim­pler prod­uct when they their needs for a prod­uct are clearly defined. How­ever, if they can­not clearly define what their needs for a prod­uct are, they will choose the more com­plex prod­uct with more features." — full text on Simplicity is Not Overrated, Just Misunderstood

Bruce Schneier on Security: "Complexity is the enemy of security. As systems get more complex, they get less secure." — full text on Three Minutes

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