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Brands Producers And Mergers

Brands, Producers and Mergers


3ware, an SCSI controller manufacturer, was bought in April 2006 by AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits Corporation) for $150M and on April 6, 2009, by LSI Corporation.


Corsair, well-known as memory/DRAM producer, started marketing power supplies around 2006. These power supplies carry the Corsair brand, but are said to be rebranded and tweaked Seasonics - Seasonic is not really the word for reliability and durability, nevertheless, in practical operation the Corsair supplies show good long-term stability and are capable of bridging short power outages for about half a second and 50%-under-voltage for up to two seconds.


Infineon, a daughter company of Siemens, manufactures semiconductor chips. However, the production of the memory/DRAM chips that were known for good reliability, was sold out under the new company name "Quimonda" and product name "Aeneon" and quality suffered heavily.

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