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beginning in HTML version 4, all elements have the "dir" and "lang" attributes.
In HTML version 5, all elements have the "data-*" (custom use), "hidden", "tabindex"

-1. <!DOCTYPE>: SGML DTD infos, if present puts the browser (IE) from quirks mode into standards-confirming mode.
0. <HTML>: Root node of the entire file; no well-known attributes in v4, new "manifest" attribute in v5, "version" attribute being dropped.
#. <HEAD>: List of HTML head elements

#. <FRAMESET>: List of HTML frameset elements – FRAME, FRAMESET and NOFRAMES are being dropped in HTML5, only IFRAME remains. XFrames might be coming from XHTML for rescue, but that hasnīt happened yet (2010)...

#. <BODY>: List of HTML body elements
#.#. <FORM>: List of HTML form elements
#.#. <TABLE>: List of HTML table elements

#. <COMMENT>: HTML comments
#. <SCRIPT>: Script embedding or links to an external JS file
#. <STYLE>: Style embedding or links to an external CSS* file
#. <SVG>: SVG* or MathML* embedding.

#. List of rarely used HTML elements

<FRAMESET> and <BODY> exclude each other. <SCRIPT> may appear nearly everywhere.

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