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Html Head Elements


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Html Head Elements

HTML HEAD Elements


NameTypeChild ofAttributesEnd Tag?DescriptionReplacement
HEAD(profile)Optdocument head
BASEspecialhref (target)Nodocument base URI
LINKhref, rel, rev, target, title (type=(feed))Noa media-independent link
METAcontent, http-equiv, name (schema)Nogeneric metainformation
TITLE document title


NameTypeChild ofAttributesEnd Tag?DescriptionReplacement
HEADOptdocument head"profile" attribute is being dropped.
BASEspecialhref, targetNodocument base URI
LINKhref, rel, rev, sizes(for rel=icon), title (type=alternate)Noa media-independent link"target" attribute is being dropped.
METAcharset, content, http-equiv, nameNogeneric metainformation"schema" attribute is being dropped.
TITLE document title

Useless, Deprecated or Dropped Elements, Attributes, Names or Values

<meta http-equiv="window-target" content="_top">
was meant to instruct the browser to automatically break out of a frameset for pages that do not want to be hijacked inside other frames. unable to find any browser that would support this element.

<meta http-equiv="ext-cache" content="name=/some/path/index.db; instructions=user instructions">
was meant to instruct some netscape browsers to use the specified "external cache". it is not known what this exactly meant.

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