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Html Rare Elements

Rare HTML Elements

NameTypeChild ofAttributesEnd Tag?DescriptionReplacement
ABBRphrase abbreviation
ADDRESSphrasealign, alt, code, codebase, height, hspace, name, vspace, width information on author
APPLETspecial Java applet embeddinguse <OBJECT>
BASEFONTspecialsizeNobase font sizeuse <STYLE> * { font-size }
BDO bidirectional override
CITEphrase citation
DDOptdefinition description
DEL deleted text
DFNphrase instance definition
DIRblock directory listuse custom CSS
DLblockcompact definition list
DTOptdefinition term
INS inserted text
ISINDEXblockpromptNosingle line promptuse <INPUT type=text>
KBDphrase text to be entered by the user
LABELfor form field label text
MENUblock menu listuse custom CSS
SAMPphrase samples
VARphrase variable or program argument
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