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Html Vcard


Often-used personal data can be auto-filled out by either using common NAME attributes for the INPUT tags or, if special NAMEs are needed to fit the application, the browser can be hinted with VCARD_NAME attributes of the following values:

vCard.Cellular vCard.Company vCard.Department vCard.DisplayName vCard.Email vCard.FirstName vCard.Gender vCard.Home.City vCard.Home.Country vCard.Home.Fax vCard.Home.Phone vCard.Home.State vCard.Home.StreetAddress vCard.Home.Zipcode vCard.Homepage vCard.JobTitle vCard.LastName vCard.MiddleName vCard.Notes vCard.Office vCard.Pager vCard.Business.City vCard.Business.Country vCard.Business.Fax vCard.Business.Phone vCard.Business.State vCard.Business.StreetAddress vCard.Business.URL vCard.Business.Zipcode

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