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The pages below describe various aspects of using, administering and troubleshooting a PmWiki installation, as well as aspects of the PmWiki community.

As you can see, the documentation is still incomplete. Feel free to help yourself and others by completing it! Just edit the pages on You might want to follow or contribute to the documentation guidelines.

Table of Contents

Beginner Topics for Creating and Editing Pages

  • editing* - Examples of common PmWiki page markup
  • new pages* - How to add a page to the site
  • Links - Creating links to other places in the site or to an external URL
  • Images - Placing images in pages
  • formatting rules* - A large list of available PmWiki markup

Intermediate Editing Topics

  • Uploads - Allow authors to upload files, also known as page attachments
  • Tables - How to use the original type of table markup
  • directives* - Newer, more advanced type of table markup
  • WikiStyles - Modify the color and other CSS style attributes of a page's contents

** examples* - More wikistyle demonstration

  • directives* - Specify page titles, descriptions, etc., and display of various components
  • other pages* - Insert the contents of other pages into a wiki page
  • InterMap links - System for defining links among (usually wiki) sites
  • markup* - Use the (:if:) directive to include or exclude portions of a page
  • variables* - Variables that can be used in page markup
  • master index* - Everything you wanted to know about wiki markup but were afraid to ask
  • edits* - Handling multiple attempts to edit a page nearly simultaneously

Organizing and Protecting Pages

  • structure* - Some options for organizing pages on the site
  • Groups* - Organizing pages into wiki groups
  • Headers* - Add content to the beginning of all pages in a WikiGroup
  • WikiTrails - Create navigation paths (trails) through pages
  • history* - View/recover previous versions of a page
  • Passwords - Password protect pages and groups
  • Categories - Organize pages into categories (like "tags" and "labels")
  • lists* - Get lists of pages using (:pagelist:) and (:searchresults:)
  • pages* - How to remove pages from the site

PmWiki Site Administration

  • Installation - How to download and install PmWiki
  • setup tasks* - First steps following a fresh installation
  • customizations* - Customize your installation
  • Skins - Change your site's overall look and feel
  • Upgrades - Upgrade your site to a newer version of PmWiki
  • and Restore* - Be prepared for disaster recovery
  • customizations | Per-group customizations* - How to customize a subset of your wiki
  • administration - Apply passwords to pages, wiki groups, or the entire site
  • AuthUser - Identity-based authorization system (usernames and authorization groups)
  • administration - Configure your site for file attachments
  • Internationalizations - How to use translation pages and the XLPage() function
  • Farms* - Run multiple sites using one copy of PmWiki
  • InterMap* - The default InterMap links, and how to create more of them
  • markup* - Create custom wiki markup as a local customization
  • WikiStyles* - The predefined WikiStyles and how to define your own
  • actions* - A list of descriptions for what ?action=XXX does
  • Troubleshooting - Advice for troubleshooting an installation
  • Notify - Send email messages when pages are changed (but see also feeds*)
  • feeds* - Provide RSS, Atom, and Dublin Core syndication feeds
  • RefCount - Find orphaned and missing pages
  • approvals* - Discourage "link spamming" with urlapprove.php
  • Variables - Variables available for local customization
  • Functions - How some functions in pmwiki.php work
  • file format* - Create wiki formatted pages in bulk and for upload to your pmwiki site
  • from PmWiki 1* - Features of PmWiki 1.0 that have been changed or eliminated
  • from PmWiki 1* - Suggestions for upgrading a PmWiki 1.x installation to PmWiki 2

About PmWiki

  • Audiences - Describes the "audiences" for which PmWiki was designed
  • Contributors - Some contributors to PmWiki's development and improvement
  • lists* - The email discussion lists available and their archives
  • PmWikiPhilosophy - Some of the ideas that guide the design and implementation of PmWiki
  • notes* - Some of the features and notes about PmWiki's design decisions
  • References - Places where PmWiki has been written about
  • Glossary - Descriptions of various terms related to PmWiki
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